Will coding bootcamps help me land a job?

Will coding bootcamps help me land a job?

Completing a coding bootcamp is an excellent way to develop new skills as a programmer, but it only gets you so far. To complete the journey, you need to secure a job in the industry so you can put those newly acquired abilities to use and progress further along in your professional journey. Coding bootcamp grads have several career options in software engineering. 

Is It Easy to Land a Job After Attending Coding Bootcamp?

Absolutely. A survey of 46 coding bootcamps by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting revealed almost 80% of students had secured employment within six months after graduation. Any reliable bootcamp program will offer either a job guarantee or career services which assist students with mock job interviews and soft skills development.

Are you considering the switch that so many current coders have made? Unsure if coding bootcamp will help you land a job?

You’ve undoubtedly heard both positive and negative things about coding bootcamps, but the real question remains: will these courses provide you with enough skills to land a new tech job within just a few weeks?

Yes, but only if you choose the right coding bootcamp. Acquiring skills alone won’t do it justice – you need career support and your education to help ensure success in the workplace. That’s exactly why FunctionUp is such an ideal bootcamp; our career development team is committed to your success from day one.

Do Coding Bootcamps Get You Jobs?

The answer is a resounding yes. The top coding bootcamps have job placement rates of over 80 per cent within six months of graduation.

Once accepted to a FunctionUp bootcamp, we guarantee you receive the appropriate level of assistance. We take great pride in welcoming students from various backgrounds with equally diverse needs.

Some students join with decades of experience under their belts, while others are just out of high school.  Regardless of your background or experience level, we’re here to support you. Here are a few ways we help you land the job you deserve:

Here is what FunctionUp can offer to help you land an entry-level software development job.

Engage Our Career Development Team

Get personalized assistance from our career development team as often as necessary. We can offer advice on different industries and job openings and point you in the direction of opportunities that best meet your career objectives.

Mock Interviews

Job interviews can be intimidating – even for experienced professionals. To build confidence in an interview situation, practice makes perfect. That’s why we offer mock job interviews where we ask the same questions you’ll likely face during a real interview, allowing you to refine your answers and receive specific feedback from our team.

Resume Support

The job market is highly competitive. On average, 250 applicants per corporate job opening (Glassdoor). So if you want a great job at an elite company, you must stand out. Especially since recruiters spend seven seconds scanning through resumes – keep their attention with effective formatting and word choice. We know what makes hiring managers fall in love with your resume!

Networking Guides

So, you may be an expert at computer networking – but how about human networking? At FunctionUp, you can hone your skills by networking with influential leaders in tech, such as CEOs, recruiters and FunctionUp alums. These events offer great chances to build your network; more than half of jobs never advertise! These connections will be useful later on since so many positions never go on board!

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

We also assist in refining your professional online presence, beginning with LinkedIn. Whether you already have a profile or not, there are always ways to enhance it to attract job offers. As Eric Fang put it: “Even if your LinkedIn is empty right now,” there’s always room for improvement.”

Review Your GitHub

One of your initial assignments will be setting up a repository on GitHub – an online software development hosting site. We can review your “repo” and social networking presence there to ensure you present yourself in the best light possible. Employers often search applicants online before inviting them for an interview, so we help you make a great impression before the big day arrives!

Hunt for Job Opportunities

Our support doesn’t end once bootcamp ends. We continue to assist our graduates as they apply for jobs – providing mock interviews, resume tweaks and career guidance. Furthermore, we use our extensive network and the FunctionUp’s stellar reputation to find openings like these for our graduates; we find the opportunities and then pass them along. You’ll still need to do your part by applying but rest assured, knowing we will do everything possible to get you the job.

Does FunctionUp Guarantee Students a Job?

Yes! The best guarantee is that FunctionUp can provide teaching skills that employers demand. You’ll learn coding languages that all the top tech companies require and leave with an impressive portfolio to show potential employers. Plus, we back up your hard work with lifetime career guidance, giving you every chance at success. With FunctionUp, nothing stops you from succeeding – give yourself every advantage possible.

We guarantee you a job, as your success is ultimately up to you. But rest assured, FunctionUp students consistently show up and achieve results – our results speak for themselves, with many new success stories added daily!

Our mission is to assist you in landing the job of your dreams. At FunctionUp, we believe the formula works – skills plus career guidance will give you the edge every time. Our graduates have gone on to find jobs at some of the world’s most coveted tech firms, such as NoBroker, Justdial, Motorola and GeoSpoc, showing plenty of options when selecting a coding bootcamp. With us on your side, there’s no reason not to make FunctionUp your top choice!

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