Tech Hiring Made Easy: Ace Turtle Case Study 2022

Ace Turtle Tech Hiring from FunctionUp

Tech Hiring Made Seamless

Ace Turtle is a vertically integrated tech platform bringing efficiency and scalability to traditional brands and retailers. As a brand itself, Ace Turtle is constantly breaking new grounds in using technology to transform e-commerce. 

Ace Turtle’s entire business model is SaaS-based and involves integrating online and offline retail channels through an omnichannel transformation which is achieved by using data intelligently. And therefore when Ace Turtle initiated their tech hiring campaign, they were sure about one thing, they needed their hiring process to be result oriented and meet their skill set requirements. 

With an organizational culture that believes in moving fast, innovation, and simplifying processes they needed potential employees who came with strong technical skills. 

Case Evaluation

Ace Turtle was looking to hire candidates who were technically strong in NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, AWS, and Java Script. With an urgent hiring requirement, the sourcing of the relevant profile became the first priority. 

The challenges they faced included:

  • Time-sensitive hiring process
  • Skill expertise – Nodejs, MongoDB, Express, and AWS
  • Demonstrated ability to code 
  • Access to relevant candidate profiles 

The Implementation

FunctionUp presented Ace Turtle with a pre-evaluated & interview-ready candidate pool that had extensive training in their desired technical skill set. FunctionUp was able to share the requested 20 profiles within 24 hours of receiving the request. 

The interview process included a telephonic screening, discussion, and a live coding test. 

The entire process was completed and offer letters were released all within a span of 8 days.  


For Ace Turtle streamlining the hiring process in partnership with FunctionUp, proved beneficial in not just reducing the time and cost but also in saving the hassle of : 

  • Sourcing relevant profiles
  • Communication & MTI check
  • Skill match check
  • Initial screening


The Hiring Managers are often eager to avoid the cost of making a bad hiring decision but end up doing just that when they discover the new joiners need way more than the stipulated time to perform on the job. They take longer to get acclimatized, understand their first tasks and gain confidence to start contributing effectively.

Our hiring partner Ace Turtle had this to say about us:

At Ace Turtle we believe in driving innovation at scale and streamlining and simplifying our processes to optimize resources. Hiring is not supposed to be any different. As a tech platform, we need talent who can fit into our performance-driven culture and turn ideas into action. FunctionUp helped us on board some good candidates possessing the skill sets required to start delivering from the word go. We hired six people in two days, which helped us optimize not just our time to hire but also the cost. We look forward to associating with FunctionUp in the future as well.”

Expanding the scope of the hiring process thus becomes crucial to avail the best talent readily and only then can ROI be optimized. FunctionUp can help you achieve all of that through our strong community of skilled tech talent. 

Explore us to understand how we can assist you in making your technical hiring a breeze.

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