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Journey To Become A Software Developer

Here is a journey of a QA tester who became Software Developer, a techie who disliked Javascript to realizing its beauty with the right guidance. S.M Sameer, BTECH grad – 2016 from Noida International University in Electronics and Communications.

Soon after Sameer graduated, he started looking for a job. Although Sameer was from a tech background, the theoretical knowledge he got from his formal education deepened the skill gap. The skill gap that formal education could not fill made Sameer look for the right guidance that could help him find a good job.

Sameer joined a local institute after his graduation in order to get the right guidance to enter into tech. The local institute offered training in Software Testing and Software Development. Due to lack of right guidance, Sameer chose to become a QA Tester. Upon completion of the training, Sameer got offered a full-time manual tester position with a package of 1.8 LPA. Even after 2 years of experience as a manual tester, Sameer did not see any growth in the field.

The role of technology has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years. For this reason and many others, Sameer chose to quit the job and started looking for a career path in coding while preparing for SSECL on the other hand as a backup option.

“And suddenly you know when it is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Due to the lack of practical knowledge during college studies, Sameer was not able to kick-start his career as software developer. Moreover, he was looking for the right boot camp and guidance that could give him a kick-start as software developer.

Sameer encountered with FunctionUp advanced backend development boot camp, where he was convinced that FunctionUp is the right choice.

“After FunctionUp’s free mentor call I was convinced that they will help me with everything, right from overcoming challenges faced by a career switch to getting placed in top tech companies with a minimum of ₹5 LPA.”

FunctionUp’s zero upfront cost has eliminated the financial burden on Sameer. At FunctionUp Sameer was able to get trained on advanced technologies by expert mentors working at top tech companies and IIT alumni. Although Sameer did not have basic knowledge of programming languages, he was able to pace up his game in coding with the right guidance in just a couple of weeks.

“With time, dedication, guidance, and internet access, anyone can learn to code.”

The coding career is booming and at the same time, there is a lot to learn. But having to know what to learn plays a crucial role in a successful career. Since the backend development skill set is one of the most sought-after by major tech employers, Sameer was rigorously trained in backend development at FunctionUp. During his 4 months of training, he was trained in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. He was familiarized with a Version control system via git, Linux commands, and Postman. FunctionUp trained Sameer on Node.js and DBMS. Moreover, he was trained in advanced technology like cloud computing and caching.

Although Sameer did not have any experience in coding, his resume was packed up with the real-world projects he worked on at FunctionUp. Practical knowledge of programming and a detailed understanding of backend architecture helped Sameer bag a 12 LPA package at Circle Of Life as a Software Developer.

“Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.”

FunctionUp gave Sameer an opportunity to make his dreams come true. We help all graduates irrespective of their field to become a top notch Software Developer

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