Developer Stories 2022: How A Mother Became Great Developer?

Farheena Ibrahim Developer FunctionUp

Developer Story Of Farheena Ibrahim

Here is a story of Electricals and Electronic Engineer who balanced her motherhood and managed to crack a high-paying developer job in just 4 months. Like we always say “having a CS degree is not essential to be a top-notch developer”.

Farheena Ibrahim, who was heading the Electrical Designing at Petrofac for 3 years sought to develop her problem-solving skills and ability to think logically which will help her be an exemplary developer.

She worked for reputed companies and so did not want to settle for anything less in terms of her career. Following her career break of six years, due to motherhood and personal reasons, she desired to start a tech career. After thorough research, she chose to join FunctionUp Coding Bootcamp for many reasons. One of which is FunctionUp’s assurance of getting placed in top tech global companies. Furthermore, FunctionUp trains candidates on advanced technologies and industry-grade projects.

“The structure we were taught at FunctionUp while doing industry-grade projects, to my surprise the same structure they used in their software development, helped me immensely to concentrate on work full-heartedly.”

Farheena’s typical day would start with setting her children’s stuff so that their caretaker can handle it without disturbing her working hours. Followed by reviewing her yesterday’s code and daily mentor sessions which motivated her to do better each day. Mentors guide candidates on which point they need to improve if any is applicable.

During her intense training in Advanced Backend Development, she worked on blogging projects like Medium, College site applications, book management projects like Amazon book management, URL shortener, product management projects like Flipkart, and much more enhanced her logical thinking ability.

“What I learned from my projects is that consistency can improve many good habits in day-to-day life.”

Every week FunctionUp has mock interviews with expert interviewers, who come from well-known firms, they were surprised by the neatness of projects and the much-advanced tech stacks like AWS3 and Redis used in projects.

Having been trained by skillful mentors and interviewed by experts it is effortless for any candidate to crack an exemplary high-paying developer job in a top-notch company.

Starting a career after a transition in any field can be challenging, and so was Fahreen’s journey. But FunctionUp made it easy to kick-start her tech career. FunctionUp’s one of mission is to empower women in tech, and so it offers 50% scholarships for every woman candidate in the cohort.

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