How Much Does a Full Stack Developer Make?

How Much Does A Full Stack Developer Makes? Blog 2023

As you explore a career in web development, there are various paths you could take. When making long-term plans and considering salary prospects for each development role, salary may play an important factor – and you might even wonder what an average fullstack developer makes each month.

As is true for any profession, several variables affect a full stack developer’s earnings: location, technical skill set, and experience levels are just three considerations that impact earnings potential.

In this post, we’ll outline what a fullstack developer does and the necessary skills and education to become one. After this, we will explore salary data for fullstack developer roles based on skill levels and years of experience. So let’s get going!

What Does a Full Stack Developer Do? 

Full stack development refers to web developers specialising in frontend design and backend web components development; frontend developers handle site designs, while backend developers handle server-side components’ functionality and server-side web services.

However, fullstack developers possess a broad knowledge of software development. They possess the skill set needed to design, test and deploy websites and apps on both ends – giving them a distinct edge when creating solutions from start to finish. Being a fullstack developer gives an individual a greater understanding of how an entire website or application operates.

Full stack development enables you to troubleshoot problems more quickly and develop websites and applications which are more robust. In addition, as a fullstack developer, you will take on more project responsibility due to knowing both frontend and backend development techniques.

What Skills Are Needed to Be a Full Stack Developer?

 To be an effective fullstack developer, one will require proficiency in front and backend development languages. Regarding frontend navigation skills, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency should suffice, while PHP, Ruby on Rails or Nodejs could be useful when working on backend work.

Additionally, you will likely require knowledge in databases, server-side architecture and website hosting – in addition to any additional responsibilities like:

Working with version control software like Git, debugging issues that arise on websites or mobile applications, creating prototypes, collaborating with designers and other software developers on architecture design and translating code are some of my specialties.

Working With Different Libraries and Frameworks If you want to become a fullstack developer, one way to start is by learning the basics of frontend and backend development by taking online courses or attending coding bootcamps.

Once you possess an in-depth knowledge of both frontend and backend development, you can begin working on projects that require both skills. Over time, as your experience builds up, you may decide to specialize in either area; otherwise, you could remain generalists.

How Much Can a Full Stack Developer Earn?

 Various factors impact how much a fullstack developer makes; their salaries depend on experience, location and company size.

According to research done by, fullstack developer salaries typically fall 

between $84,136 and $111,417 annually depending on different websites’ estimates of salary ranges; according to Indeed, the estimated base annual salary in 2022 for fullstack developers working within the US market was $100,318:

How Much Does a Full Stack Developer Earn? 

In addition, full stack developers typically enjoy an annual average cash bonus of $5,000 in addition to potential 401(k) retirement plan benefits. Under one year of experience, starting salaries average around $82,335 annually; after three to five years on the job, this number can easily grow to as much as $121,415.

Glassdoor provides similar salary estimates. According to this site, national salaries for entry-level full stack developers average at an estimated annual amount of $89,000980 or $107,970 overall.

Indeed has identified these U.S. cities with some of the highest salaries for full stack developers:

  • San Francisco, California ($131,364 annually)
  • Austin, Texas (117,677 per annum)
  • New York, New York(116,034 per year)
  • Denver, Colorado (112 579 annually)
  • Atlanta, Georgia ($110 075 yearly)
  • Chicago, Illinois(108 367annually)
  • Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, CA, all cost more.
  • Brooklyn, New York ($105,191 annually). 

Full stack developers also seem to report high levels of job satisfaction; more specifically, 65% of full stack programmers in the U.S. believe their salaries cover the costs associated with living there.

Full Stack Developer Salaries To more fully grasp what full stack developers make in pay compared with programmers with similar expertise Indeed has found the average annual salaries for frontend and backend developers are around $102,177 per year; for backend developers, this figure increases to $126,420 annually.

Full Stack Developer Salaries Like in other fields, full stack developer earnings potential depends heavily upon experience level. The further you advance in your career path, the greater opportunities come with greater financial gains.

According to Glassdoor research, 83% of individuals working as fullstack engineers possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree; moreover, over half (58%) of fullstack developers possess 2 to 4 years of experience.

However, formal education in web development won’t likely hinder you if your goal is fullstack development; due to an abundance of self-taught programmers and credible coding bootcamps available.

Is Fullstack Development a Good Career?

Yes! Fullstack development is a highly profitable career path and is popular. The salary average for Fullstack developers is $102,762 annually across the United States, as per In addition, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2030, the employment possibilities for web developers are predicted to rise by 23 percent.


In this piece, we’ve discovered the definition of a Fullstack developer and how to be one. It has also been discovered that becoming a Fullstack web developer with no degree isn’t just possible; it can be done.

Another question folks ask is how long it will take to be a Fullstack web developer. Indeed, the time needed to become a Fullstack developer depends entirely on the speed at which you learn and your previous experience. Remember not to compare your learning speed or progress with others while you progress. Schedule a time every day or week to study, try all you can to keep to your plan, and finally be happy.

Do You Need a Degree to Become a Full stack Developer?

There is no need for an official degree to become a Full stack designer. Although having a formal education is a benefit in all professions, it’s the knowledge required to be a Full stack designer. If you’re looking for changes in your career or career opportunities, the (short-term affordable) Bootcamp course will provide individuals with the abilities and skills to be an experienced Full stack developer.

If you’re prepared to start your journey towards turning into a Full stack Developer, our frontend cohort is ideal for you. FunctionUp is a pay after placement coding bootcamp that trains students and help them getting placed in top companies across the world. This Way will take you through all that you want to be aware of, from how to construct and send static pages to plan abilities to make your site pages wonderful and usable. You’ll likewise learn interview strategies and fabricate your portfolio so you can begin going after frontend advancement positions. 

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