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The Developer’s Case Study

Making a big life change is pretty scary, but we know for a fact that expert guidance can streamline your hard work and efforts in the right direction. Aman Kumar, a BSC graduate developer’s story is no different. Here is a journey of a graduate, who was struggling to crack a job, to earning 9 LPA in just 4 months with the right mentorship and training.

Although students pay hefty fees to get graduated in the engineering streams, the skills required for a candidate to excel in the corporate world are not covered in the curriculum. The skill gap has widened the scope of overqualified graduates getting underpaid.

Aman chose BSC to lessen the financial burden on his parents. Although he graduated in the science stream he never gave up on his dreams to be a software developer. He got a second chance to start his career in software development through FunctionUp boot camp.

“I was on the verge to give up my dreams, that’s when FunctionUp came into view and changed my career for good”.

Some may wonder about the struggles of a non-tech graduate choosing to be in a coding boot camp! Aman’s story will answer all the questions. Although Aman initially struggled to pick up the pace, he had expert mentors guiding him every day.

FunctionUp believes that a coding background is not essential to be a rockstar coder in 2022. Coding requires a systematic understanding of the concepts. Once a candidate grasps a detailed understanding of architecture, the rest of the journey to being a coder is painless. 60% of the boot camp are remarkably topped up with non-tech grads.

During the boot camp, Aman was trained on real-world projects that he would be facing in the corporate world. FunctionUp’s curriculum is designed by expert mentors working at top tech companies in collaboration with IIT alumni. Advanced tech like cloud computing, caching, etc play a vital role in backend development.

Expert mentorship at FunctionUp helped Aman bag a freelancing project during boot camp to build a Static Website for Zen X Analytics.

“Successfully building a website all by myself has boosted my self-confidence and helped me a chart-topper in the boot camp”.

At FunctionUp candidates not just get daily feedback from mentors on their code but also get 1:1 bug solving sessions. Every activity at FunctionUp trains candidates to be top coders. Training at FunctionUp helped Aman bag five software developer jobs with no hassle.

Aman is currently working at Omnicell as a software engineer with a package of 9 LPA.

When asked about alumni support, Aman says “Skills I have acquired at FunctionUp are so relevant to the corporate world that I have never really needed any support from FunctionUp. Nonetheless FunctionUp has always got my back”.

Hundreds of developer like Aman are getting top-notch mentorship by expert mentors and access to advanced backend development resources at FunctionUp.

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