Hiring Made Awesome 2022: GeoSpoc Case Study

GeoSpoc Hiring from Functionup Experience

GeoSpoc is a Geo Analytics service provider that solves business problems with location data analytics equipping organizations with tools for intelligent decision making. Therefore, their hiring process is aimed at finding potential employees who are not just good but were team players with great personal integrity.  With a recent acquisition by Ola, Geo Spoc aims to penetrate deeper into the Indian markets with an aim to redefine personal mobility. As an organization, Geospock values innovative thinking and creativity with quality and excellence make the core of everything they do.

Case Evaluation

GeoSpoc was looking to hire highly skilled backend developers with a background in Computer Science or IT. They wanted candidates who could score high on their aptitude tests and demonstrate their coding skills during the selection process. 

The challenges they faced included:

  • Time-sensitive hiring process
  • Precise eligibility criteria
  • Highly skilled candidates with demonstrated ability to code
  • Candidates with high Aptitude Test Scores 
  • Candidates with analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Access to a qualified talent pool

The Implementation

With such a defined process and hiring criterion, Geospoc was looking for a ready talent pool and a very short recruitment turnaround time.  

FunctionUp partnered with Geospoc to meet these very specific requirements. 

FunctionUP distinguishes itself as a one-stop hiring boot camp that strives to bridge the skill gap between tech talent and industry requirements. FunctionUp’s candidates have extensive training in MERN stack, DSA, and advanced technologies like Caching, Cloud Computing, and AWS. 

They undergo 4 months of extensive programming language training at FunctionUp boot camp, where they build on the skills they learned as a part of their traditional curriculum at college. 

The candidates not just met the prerequisites but were able to effectively demonstrate their coding skills during the assessments conducted.


Entry-level technical hiring has its own unique set of challenges, moreso when the requirements are for technological expertise in niche areas. The hiring process needs to be nimble and well augmented to attract relevant talent. 

Niche hiring, like in the case of Geospoc, can benefit from the “outside-in” approach. Partnering with a specialist can help in gaining access to a talent pool otherwise not available through traditional hiring methods. 

Another pertinent factor for time-sensitive hiring campaigns becomes the quality of hire and the offer acceptance rate. 

FunctionUp candidates performed well in their assessments indicating their potential of being a successful hires. 

Expanding the scope of the hiring process is crucial to avail the best talent readily and optimize the ROI. FunctionUp can help you achieve all of that through our strong community of skilled tech talent. 

Explore us to understand how we can assist you in making your technical hiring a breeze. 

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