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Java Coding at FunctionUp

How His Journey Started as Java Developer?

Abhishek Vinayak’s journey is a testimonial to what we have often repeated as our core philosophy at FunctionUp. Java Coding is for everyone irrespective of their educational background.

Abhishek holds a BBA LLB degree and even worked as a legal associate for a few months but could neither find his interest nor calling in his profession.

He came across FunctionUp through an ad on Youtube and landed at the website to explore more. What motivated him to register for the test was the fact that there were no barriers for students from non-technical backgrounds. With little preparation, Abhishek was able to clear his test and was accepted for FunctionUp’s new batch of Thorium.

Now can there be a hero’s story without any mention of his struggles??

Abhishek too underwent his fair share of struggle during the first two days of the cohort. He was lost, couldn’t understand the concepts, and did not even turn up his Java, HTML and CSS assignments. But thanks to our TAs and mentors, he found the confidence to try again. A special mention to our co-founder Pritesh Kumar, who as a true teacher gave him the “Mantra” to stay focused, read and revise.

By the third day of the cohort, Abhishek was not just grasping what was being taught but his interest was piqued too. He felt glad that he was enjoying what he was learning because he came from a place where he sacrificed a job, and switched careers in pursuit of that drive and motivation to do something relevant and meaningful to him.

He made rules for himself and stuck to them, never losing focus. What also helped him was the Java curriculum structure followed at FunctionUp.

Our curriculum is designed such that it approaches concepts in a systematic manner allowing students to iterate old learnings along with new concepts. The TAs and mentors ensure that the doubts are cleared frequently and adequately.

Abhishek also took up the role of a TA (teaching Assistant) at FunctionUp which gave him the opportunity to consolidate his concepts and also gain confidence in his abilities.

But, Abhishek had one last test to pass and that was the placements. While many companies could not look beyond his educational background, FunctionUp always had faith that the right opportunity will knock at the right time. And it happened when Infino hired Abhishek for his Java skills and not his educational background. With a handsome package, an option to work remotely, and no bonds, Abhishek’s hard work has paid off and FunctionUp is proud to have been a part of the learning journey of a true champion.

Best wishes to Abhishek Vinayak in all his future endeavors.

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