Learn How from ‘NoBroker’ : Ending the Hiring Hassle 2022

NoBroker Hiring FunctionUp Case study

A disruptive real-estate platform that makes it possible to buy/sell/rent a house without paying any brokerage makes NoBroker, a trailblazer amongst the property listing platforms. 

With a vision to make the entire world more efficient and information symmetric, No Broker’s hiring process focuses on hiring candidates who could use advanced technology, possess skill accuracy, and could start contributing immediately. 

Case Evaluation

NoBroker wanted their hiring process streamlined and needed candidates with great skill accuracy. The most common hiring problem faced by the organization was:

  • The massive applicant pool they needed to sieve through to find the right candidates 
  • The increased cost per hire due to a non-streamlined hiring process
  • Losing talent to competitors extending the offers sooner 
  • Unsatisfactory candidate experience due to the long hiring process
  • The burden on the existing employees due to the additional work

A poor hiring decision is not just cost intensive but also wastes a lot of crucial time. Delayed time to hire hampers businesses and doubles the effort to find new relevant candidates and restart the process. A shorter hiring period is beneficial not just for the HR partners but even for the candidates who appreciate timely news regarding their candidature. 57% of job seekers lose interest in a job if the hiring process is too long. Also, the quality candidates may receive other offers and may choose not to join. 

The people at No Broker understood this and therefore wanted to optimize the entire process. 

The Implementation

Partnering with FunctionUp, NoBroker was able to hire candidates who possessed an extensive base set of knowledge, ready to be leveraged.  

FunctionUp, is a one-stop hiring boot camp that strives to bridge the skill gap between tech talent and industry requirements. FunctionUp presented No Broker with a pre-evaluated & interview-ready candidate pool that had extensive training in MERN stack, DSA, and advanced technologies like Caching, Cloud Computing, and AWS. 

Candidates undergo 4 months of extensive programming language training at FunctionUp boot camp, where they build on the skills they learned as a part of their traditional curriculum at college. They are further evaluated on their ability to build real-world problem-based micro-projects in live code rounds, equipping them with the desired skill set the industry needs when hiring tech talent.  

“Onboarding FunctionUp candidates was a breath of fresh air. It was very nice to know that the candidates that I was receiving had a base set of knowledge that I was able to leverage immediately.” – NoBroker

FunctionUp offered a tangible, easy-to-implement solution to No Broker addressing their problem statement holistically. 


Streamlining the hiring process proved beneficial for NoBroker in not just reducing the time and cost but also saving them the hassle of  

  • Resume Shortlisting
  • Communication & MTI check
  • Skill match check
  • Initial screening


In a study conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management 84% of the human resource professionals admitted to having trouble finding suitable job candidates within the last 12 months. At entry-level hiring, this problem worsens as the applicant pool is large but relevant skills are hard to find in that large pool. The Hiring Managers are often eager to avoid the cost of making a bad hiring decision but end up doing just that when they discover the new joiners need way more than the stipulated time to perform on the job.

What does it mean for businesses?

A new employee’s potential value is realized much later. They take longer to get acclimatized, understand their first tasks and gain confidence to start contributing effectively. It must be mentioned here that even managers struggle to maximize their talent if the potential of the candidates is not known or insufficiently assessed at the hiring stage.

Expanding the scope of the hiring process thus becomes crucial to avail the best talent readily and only then can ROI be optimized and FunctionUp can help you achieve all of that through our strong community of skilled tech talent.

Explore us to understand how we can assist you in making your technical hiring a breeze.

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