11 Best Companies To Work For Data Science

This list of best data science companies aims to go beyond the usual and expected. Some great and perhaps underrated options to get a job as a data scientist.

Since the 1960s, Big Data has taken root and spread throughout the globe. According to Oracle’s definition, big data includes information with greater variety that arrives faster as volumes rise rapidly. With every new source being collected and examined for insights about more business problems than ever. Data science companies across industries, offering services for analyzing this vast quantity of information in pursuit of business insights.

Data science business opportunities translate directly to job openings. Though few universities offer data science programs, its industry is expanding exponentially. Many significant organizations employ data scientists as part of their team. Bernhardt Schroeder of Forbes reports that data science will grow by 28% between now and 2026, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates; plenty of opportunities await anyone with skills and interest! So, which are the top data science companies you should work for?

People looking for data science jobs often first consider Google or Facebook; we compiled The Ultimate Guide to FAANG Companies with these roles discussed. However, this list provides other great and underrated opportunities for data scientist employers.

What Makes a Data Science Company the Best?

Finding the ideal company for data scientists requires many considerations; you may prefer smaller data science companies that work within specific industries or have geographic restrictions that limit where and when they may do data science work. We prefer customer-centric companies with plenty of room to explore my interests as a data scientist – though everyone’s different! Below, we have list what we consider to be some of the top data scientist employers. Our criteria include compensation/work-life balance/significant work being completed, significance within their industries/industries, and size requirements of their workforces/worksites/industries, etc.

Data Science Career Options at Large Companies: Medium/Large Firms

1. Data Science Career Options at Microsoft

Microsoft boasts many exciting data science projects and products. While best known as an enterprise and consumer software giant, this tech titan also makes strides in data science research and innovation. Their AI for Earth program puts their tools directly in the hands of those working to protect the environment using open-source tools like Cloud and AI. Additionally, they have created open-source APIs, tools, and models specifically developed to support sustainability efforts as part of technology development efforts.

They have also initiated AI for Accessibility efforts designed to close any “data deserts” by filling gaps between AI data sets for those with disabilities.

Microsoft stands out for its groundbreaking research and open-source projects and its wide array of consumer, enterprise, and developer products ranging from Microsoft Word to Xbox. Their wide array of end users means there will surely be one or more products that suit your interests, or try several by switching around internally.

Microsoft offers many data, analytics, and AI positions worldwide, from pure data science roles to optimizing sales strategies or working as an engineer specializing in data science. Their array of projects makes Microsoft one of the best data science companies out there, with various teams offering various needs and opportunities.

2. Data Science Career Options at Amazon

Amazon has long gone beyond just selling books online to becoming one of the premier places for data scientists to work. Their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service accounts for the highest market share within the cloud services industry as an employer of data scientists for machine learning solutions and cloud storage needs like AWS.

Amazon offers AWS-centric data science services and anti-fraud products designed for their online retail customers that employ machine learning technology to detect fraudulent activities across numerous transactions.

Amazon generates and collects an abundance of exciting data through its eCommerce business, so there is plenty to gain access to within Amazon’s control. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get your hands on some of it? Luckily for data science enthusiasts everywhere, Amazon has open positions, from optimizing supply chains to forecasting demand forecasting, with fascinating problems for data scientists like you to solve at this global giant!

3. Data Science Career Options at Airbnb

Airbnb’s hard work revolutionizing the travel industry included making great use of data scientists. According to their former head of data science, Airbnb views data as representing customer preferences; data science provides interpretation for that voice.

Airbnb has used data science not only to enhance their services and search capabilities but also their hiring practices – they use data science to analyze bias in hiring practices at Airbnb! Data science companies like Airbnb can utilize much of their expertise in internal processes; Airbnb stands as a prime example. Their culture of self-reflection and critique makes this one of the premier data science companies to work for.

Airbnb makes data science especially exciting because they have open data science positions across finance, trust, and guest experiences – giving data scientists ample opportunity to experience various industries through working at Airbnb as a data scientist. If data science interests you, check out Airbnb’s list of open positions; maybe one will catch your interest!

4. Data Science Career Options at Nvidia

Nvidia stands apart as one of the premier data science companies. Nvidia pioneered “accelerated analytics,” processing data up to 20x faster and without refactoring with GPUs such as NVIDIA DGX A100s. Time is business money, and this optimization has made Nvidia’s graphic cards successful; their data scientists work on cutting-edge chips and graphic cards to optimize them for handling vast volumes of information.

At Nvidia, you get the opportunity to enhance the work of data scientists globally. Your contributions could have an exponential effect on the efficiency of data science work, making Nvidia one of the premier data science companies and providing immense potential for impactful and rewarding employment experiences.

Nvidia also provides data science consulting to customers while employing it internally to increase product popularity and sales. As an established large corporation, they hold hundreds of open data science positions ranging from data architects to data generation engineers.

5. Data Science Career Options at Oracle

Oracle boasts a fantastic cloud platform that enables its customers to leverage their data via machine learning models, visualizations, and predictive analytics. Working as a data scientist on this project allows me to build incredible models and tools that users can implement into their data sets.

The analytics platform features “embedded machine learning and natural language processing technologies increase productivity.” You have an incredible opportunity here to improve customer life through advertising, designing data-science-focused products, organizing and analyzing unstructured data more effectively, or uncovering the meaning of all that noise.

Oracle boasts thousands of open data science positions throughout their internal departments for virtually every experience level and interest area imaginable, making Oracle one of the best companies to work at as Data scientist for those hoping to develop skills across a broad spectrum.

6. Data Science Career Options at Delta

Delta may not immediately come to mind as one of Atlanta’s premier data science companies; nevertheless, Delta should undoubtedly be considered among them. Applying machine learning and decision science on an unprecedented scale to their operations challenges with access to customer records for simulation, they provide solutions that minimize customer impact while keeping costs within reasonable boundaries. As someone frustrated with many airlines’ incompetences in customer experience management, finding one leveraging data’s power as an aid was quite refreshing!

Delta Air Lines serves Hartsfield Jackson International Airport – one of the busiest airports worldwide – so efficiency and optimization are priorities at Delta. There are multiple open data science roles at Delta throughout Atlanta, Georgia; most can be found there as they rank as one of Southeast’s premier data science employers. Your work could include health analytics, operations decision science, or data strategy

Data Science Career Options at Medium and Small Companies: Medium/Small Companies

7. Data Science Career Options at Splunk

Splunk offers users a central data platform that enables them to monitor, investigate, analyze, and act upon their data efficiently and securely to run more efficiently. Their machine-learning features include outlier detection, forecasting, event clustering, and predictive analytics – perfect if you love advanced machine-learning models! Its machine-learning features include outlier detection, forecasting, event clustering, and predictive analytics. Splunk is the ideal data science company if your passion lies with complex machine learning models – an exciting adventure awaits with all its exciting data science projects waiting for your expertise with hard-core machine learning models; its data science companies with many hard-core machine learning models are available today to explore!

Splunk’s central data platform facilitates data streaming across multi-cloud environments and has real-time search capabilities covering structured and unstructured data types. Also, check out Splunk’s available data science roles!

8. Data Science Career Options at Cloudera

Cloudera offers customers a “hybrid cloud company,” enabling them to seamlessly combine private and public clouds to achieve powerful insights for customers. As the leading hybrid cloud provider in data science companies today, their innovative Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) hybrid cloud runs right where the client’s data resides, enabling it to work faster while being more secure than comparable solutions available elsewhere.

Cloudera data scientists specialize in data management and machine learning platforms, so if these areas interest you, take a look.

9. Data Science Career Options at Numerator

Numerator, one of several data science companies dedicated to eCommerce customer insights, prides itself on offering consumer intelligence “that helps marketers market to people – not demographics.” Their product is simple to implement; reports state they can publish results within 72 hours from the purchase date.

Numerator offers one of the most extensive, most diverse consumer purchase panels available today and goes above and beyond when it comes to analysis. Data scientists work directly with consumers, collecting their information before using it for insights gained to provide Numerator’s services to customers. Working at Numerator as autonomously as possible enables data scientists to drive projects from conception through production, making Numerator one of the premier data science companies today! Check their career portal to explore opportunities where your knowledge could help provide clients valuable market analytics solutions.

10. Data Science Career Options at Teradata

Teradata offers hybrid cloud platforms similar to Cloudera, combining public clouds like Azure and AWS with on-premise solutions. They also provide consulting teams dedicated to enterprise customers to help maximize the benefits of using their solutions.

Vantage, their flagship software product, features integrated analytics functions that can be applied across various and hybrid platforms to generate insights quickly at scale. Teradata offers analytics functions (ML, statistical, and text analyses), which you can work to expand in a highly parallel and efficient distribution manner. They take an academic approach to their validation process by encouraging patent filing, journal publication, and conference attendance – providing data brainiacs with an excellent professional community and connections for further advancement as a data scientist.

Teradata offers positions all around the globe and even offers unique roles like “data scientist algorithmic development engineer.” If you enjoy data and are knowledgeable in algorithms and optimization, Teradata could be one of the ideal companies for you to join!

11. Data Science Career Options at Databricks

Databricks Lakehouse platform offers the benefits of data lakes and data warehouses while remaining cost-effective like their cheaper counterparts. They deliver on-demand management of high volumes of data and optimal performance comparable to their more costly counterparts.

Databricks’ goal is to break down data silos by unifying analytics, data science, and machine learning under one umbrella platform called The Lakehouse. Built upon open-source platforms to maximize usability and flexibility. Data science companies often prefer proprietary systems over open ones, so, interestingly, Databricks opted to build its main product on open-source platforms instead.

Job advertisements for data scientists present great opportunities, as their duties include steering the direction of solutions such as forecasting, product analysis, churn prediction, insights segmentations, and recommendations. You will also represent data science on an organization-wide scale while further encouraging data-driven mentalities.

Data science involves various specialties that range from data solutions architects to machine learning platform engineers, distributed data systems engineers, data architects, and more.

Final Thoughts on Top Companies in the Field of Data Science

Data science professionals can be found working for companies that employ them, with most offering proprietary platforms for machine learning/data science applications or using data science in other industries. When searching for suitable employers to work as data scientists, ensure your interests match any available position, and you should choose accordingly.

If the environment is close to your heart, working as a data scientist for AI for Earth from Microsoft might be ideal; otherwise, Numerator might provide more of a challenge and be better suited to your interests in eCommerce.

Good news – you have no shortage of choices available to you when it comes to data science careers! For those without formal computer science or data science training, we suggest staying within your industry and looking for data scientist positions there; your existing context knowledge gives you an edge over data scientists unfamiliar with that particular industry.

Looking for a career in data science?

This is an excellent time. Demand is rapidly increasing, and traditional skills are quickly becoming outdated. As more businesses wake to the potential of this technology and data science, jobs available in India have begun to compete with other IT-related jobs. Cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru are the leaders in the job market for data scientists in India, so it’s a perfect time to consider switching to a job in data science.

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