What is Martech Stack 2022? And Top 6 Marketing Technology Tools

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Martech Stack is the technology infrastructure used to effectively conduct the marketing activities of an organization. As more and more businesses are using digital channels, a dedicated technology stack to leverage digitalization fully is not only logical but also helps optimize marketing initiatives. And not to overlook that it helps to assess and measure the impact of marketing initiatives objectively, i.e. bringing in the exact numbers.  

A Martech stack helps create a seamless customer relationship by using integrated tools and tapping the resources across numerous channels. So what are the different approaches to the Martech stack?

Types of Martech Stack

Which Martech stack to choose for your business depends on whether your business is selling to B2B or B2C. Since business needs are different therefore the channels and techniques will be different and so will the components of the Martech stack. 

But some of these technologies are applicable for both kinds of businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular martech solutions.

Content Management Systems

The software is used to manage, create and modify and publish the digital content of the businesses. For the sake of understanding, it can be further divided into 


Enterprise Content Management basically covers the entire lifecycle of the content from the time it is created, its archival, and its eventual disposal.   It can be installed on-premises software, SaaS, hybrid or IaaS.


The web content management system manages the website content and has features like automated templates, access control, scalability, easy editing, plug-in modules, workflow management, collaboration, document management, content virtualization, multiple languages, and version control. 

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is another type of content management system which defines the ownership of documents, pictures, data, movies, individual information, research, etc. 

Some of the most widely used CMSs are WordPress, Shopify, and Joomla. 

Advertising technology

Often referred to as adtech, it consists of tools and software used to reach audiences and to analyze, manage and deliver advertisements based on requirements. It has two players, the publishers, and the advertising players. Some of the proven advantages of adtech are:

  • Optimization of advertising budgets
  • In-depth analysis of campaign performances
  • Better audience segmentation 

With enhancing technology, adtech is only going to get better and more relevant as a martech solution. 


Important for all customer communication and most martech stack comes inbuilt into marketing automation or inbound marketing platforms.

Website Analytics

Most marketers need data accessibility and measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing activities. Most Martech stacks accommodate this feature to pull data from a wide range of sources and use content intelligence tools like Optimizely or Buzzsumo to provide useful insights. 

Experience Optimization

A/B Testing and Personalization are some of the aspects covered here which basically aid marketers in identifying actions that need to be taken based on analysis of the marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Monitoring social media for engagement can positively affect the impact of the media campaigns and is an essential aspect of martech solutions.

Customer Relationship Management

An integral part of B2B sales, CRM as a part of Martech Stack, helps manage all the aspects of customer relationship and experience for an organization for both current and potential customers. CRM helps consolidate all customer interaction from calls, emails, text messages, and meetings.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important half of the content management strategy. It allows search engines to divert organic traffic to the business’s website by ranking it higher in the search engine. There are several software and tools to help SEO. 

Top 6 Martech Companies and their Marketing Technology Tools

  1. Content Grow A platform to bridge the gap between content seekers and providers. 
  2. HubSpot CRM– An all-in-one platform for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service
  3. Treasure Data– is a customer data platform for big businesses that need to process big data
  4. Typeform– An online platform with great user experience and flexibility to be plugged into an existing tech stack
  5. Crisp is a free live chat app that allows users to monitor the visitor’s browsing activity on the website and provide great insights without asking them too many questions
  1. Zoho Mail provides a customized domain-specific email address with the free version allowing up to 5 users to access and use the free email address.  

The Martech Technology landscape has evolved fiercely over the last few years and there are several thousand companies offering specific and integrated solutions to marketers. 

The Martech market size is expected to grow to USD 6,612.60 Billion by 2030 and this expanding market will need a skilled workforce. Additionally, the job opportunities in this field are growing exponentially because of new projects and many new companies incorporating technology tools to market their products or services. 

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