Top 8 Awesome JavaScript Frameworks To Use

Top 8 Awesome JavaScript Frameworks To Use

One of the most popular programming languages JavaScript is known for its ability to create dynamic web components delivering superior user experience. If one is looking for a career in web development JavaScript is as important as salt/sugar are to a chef. Additionally, JavaScript frameworks help in assembling the dish super quick. 

Let’s move away from the kitchen analogy and use codes to explain this better. 

What is JavaScript Framework?

JavaScript frameworks are a collection of JavaScript code libraries where developers can find and use pre-written JS codes for routine programming features. One can pick a framework and build a website or a web application using and building on the chosen framework. 

As a developer you can use the framework to do the basic job and use your time to customize and code the unique aspects of your website or application. This may sound familiar to people who have worked with jQuery, but there is a difference between single libraries and frameworks. 

Difference Between JavaScript Libraries and JavaScript Frameworks  

JS Libraries use plugin codes when you opt for the autocomplete feature on your website. When a specific  code is inserted, it retrieves the feature from the library and displays it on the user’s web browser. 

JavaScript Framework

A JavaScript framework provides a more holistic approach to coding solutions, it doesn’t provide individual solutions but provides a framework, a skeleton of sort which helps organize the areas where it is used in web or application development. 

The framework comes with page templates with dedicated areas for codes from the framework’s library. Some of the benefits of using a JavaScript framework are:

  • Efficiency
  • Better Organization
  • Structured Codes
  • Readymade Solution 

Using JavaScript Frameworks 

JavaScript frameworks provide ample flexibility in terms of the extent you choose to implement it based on your specific requirements. Some frameworks can exist underneath your website or app codes while some others like Vue allow for incremental usage of the framework. 

This flexibility to hand-code whenever necessary and implement the framework at other places makes JavaScript frameworks easy to use and extremely helpful. 

Popular JavaScript Frameworks

  1. Angular – An open source web application developed by Google and written in Typescript, is used for single page applications. Benefits of using this framework include:
  1. Adaptability
  2. Meets huge data requirements
  3. DOM manipulation and two way binding to create effective templates
  4. Active community for instant help and feedback
  5. Uses data binding to support dynamic rendering
  6. Intuitive API 

2. React – React is a usable framework to build interactive user interfaces. 

The features that makes React distinctive are:

  1. Easy integration with applications due to the virtual DOM model
  2. Reusable components
  3.  More intuitive
  4. Hot Reload Feature allows users to see the applied changes just in time

3. Vue.js

A free open source JavaScript framework is a front-end framework which is adaptable for both small and large applications. Let’s look at some of the features of Vue.js

  1. Reusable codes
  2. Pre-defined options of custom element
  3. MVVM structural pattern separates GUI from the model’s business logic
  4. Feature Intensive
  5.  Can be used to create high end SPA with dual integration mode

4. Ember.js – A free javascript framework used to build interactive UIs irrespective of the size of the website, it is great for both SPAs and enterprise applications. 

Some of the features Ember.js comes with are:

  1. Component based approach hence easy to learn
  2. Allows two way data binding and therefore can be used for larger projects with complex UIs
  3. Reduced volume of possible errors 

5. Meteor– Meteor is popular for its multiple uses, it can be used for backend development, front-end rendering, data-base management and business logic. It also makes cross-platform coding possible. 

Some of the features are:

  1. Automatic CSS and reactive template
  2. Inbuilt Command Line Interface
  3. Laced with all front and back end components
  4. Hassle free upgrades and updates because of the Hot Reload feature
  5. Tools for web server debugging
  6. Inbuilt security measures

6. Mithril – A Javascript framework mainly used for SPAs . Many open source platforms use Mithril

  1. Small and Simple API
  2. Inter-library interaction 
  3. Lightweight with good templating engine
  4. Virtual DOM
  5. Compatible template for designing website or application
  6. Routing and XHR utilities
  7. Declarative with reduced code complexity

7. Node Js– An open source run time environment which can execute Javascript outside a web browser. 

Its features include:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Scalable 
  3. Small Processing Time
  4. Event Drive I/O

8. Polymer 

A JavaScript library which is an open source framework developed by Google and is primarily used for SPAs. It supports both one way and two way data binding and developers can use it to create custom elements. 

Some of the distinguishing features are:

  1. Reusable elements which can be customized 
  2. Reusable widgets with easy element creation 
  3. Efficient development of mobile applications
  4. Flexible, users can import custom elements with the help of HTML imports


Each Java Script framework comes with its own unique set of benefits and features. However, React is one of the most popular ones because of its several features that helps developers achieve a superior UI experience. 

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