Top 5 Amazing Programming Languages To Learn in 2023

Top 5 Programming Languages For 2023

Coding has emerged as the number one in-demand skill in recent years from smart TVs to online games ott platforms all of these require coding. Computer programming was once recognized as a skill reserved for software developers but now it is looked at as an added advantage for numerous job profiles.

Today we are going to discuss the top 5 programming languages that you should learn in 2023.


  • According to slash, data python is the fastest-growing programming language of all time.
  • It grew by 2.3 million developers in 2021.
  • It has the largest developer community of 7 million members according to the research.

Uses :

  • Python is a computer programming language often used to build websites, automate tasks and conduct data analysis.
  • It is heavily used in applications of ai and machine learning.
  • Python is used in many job profiles such as data scientists software developers DevOps engineers data engineers etc.
  • Python programming is used by major leading tech companies such as Spotify, Intel, and IBM.

Salary :

  • The average salary for a python developer is 125 thousand dollars per annum in the united states in India, the average salary is 12 lacks per annum.


  • Java unquestionably is one of the most famous and widely adopted programming languages.
  • It has a large developer community which is predicted to grow to 28.7 million by 2024.
  • Java is a high-level robust object-oriented and among the most popular programming languages.

Uses :

  • It is used in various software applications like android desktop applications big data and a lot more.
  • Java developer full-stack developer web developer android developer are some of the job profiles in which java programming skills are required.
  • Java is used by major leading tech companies such as uber Airbnb and Instagram.

Salary :

  • The average salary for a java developer is one hundred thousand dollars per annum in the united states in India it is 12 lacks per annum.


  • Number three we have javascript according to the slash data survey the javascript community is now 12.4 million developers strong.
  • Due to runtimes libraries and frameworks like node.js and react its popularity has grown tremendously in recent years as it is used by over 65 percent of the developer community.

Uses :

  • Javascript also abbreviated as js is a lightweight interpreted programming language designed for creating network-centric applications and can handle both the front-end and back-end of a website and deliver interactive Pages.
  • Front-end web developers website administrators full-stack developers are some of the known job profiles in which javascript programming is required.
  • Javascript is in high demand by major tech giants such as PayPal Netflix BigBasket and google.

Salary :

  • The average salary for a js developer is one hundred ten thousand dollars per year however in India it ranges between eight lacks and 10 lacks per year.

4. PHP

  • According to a survey, PHP has a developer community of around 7.3 million developers.
  • PHP is used by almost 80 percent of all websites.

Uses :

  • PHP is an open-source interpreted and object-oriented scripting language that is used to support dynamic and interactive web pages and manage dynamic content databases session monitoring and even create full-stack e-commerce websites.
  • It is compatible with several popular databases including MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Job profiles like web developer backend developer database administrator require PHP programming.
  • Facebook Tumblr WordPress among others still chooses PHP programming language.

Salary :

  • The average salary for a PHP developer is 82 170 dollars per annum in the united states however in India it ranges between 3.5 lakhs to six lacks per annum.


  • Next at number five, we have kotlin in May 2019 google declared kotlin to be the second most popular programming language.
  • kotlin is a general-purpose programming language it is compatible with java and also supports many other functional programming languages.

Uses :

  • It is widely used in android development web development desktop app development and server-side.
  • kotlin is used in many job profiles such as android developer software developer project engineers etc.
  • kotlin programming language is in high demand in companies such as Coursera Pinterest post mate and Netflix.

Salary :

  • According to glassdoor kotlin developers can earn up to 140 000 per annum in the united states and nine lakhs per annum in India.


So this is our list of the top 5 programming languages that you should learn in 2023. Learning these programming languages is much fun. These programming languages can help you to secure a high paying a job in best organizations across the globe.

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