Top 10 Web Dev Technologies You Should Be Aware Of

Top 10 Web Dev Technologies You Should Be Aware Of

Websites have emerged as an important aspect of digitalization and have impacted the way business is done by opening new avenues and marketplaces previously inaccessible. Therefore, web developers need to be constantly in touch with what is working and what’s not. This blog discusses the top 10 web dev technologies developers need to keep an eye on in 2022. 

Websites are looked upon not just by your current or potential customers but other stakeholders too including investors. And therefore, a high performing website which has great aesthetics and offers superior user experience is non-negotiable. Developers can ensure their websites are competitive and relevant to the changing web development technologies in order to keep up the traffic and increase sales by following these top 10 web dev technologies. 

 Let’s take a look at the top 10 web dev technologies for the year 2022.

  1. The Dark Mode Theme for the Website – According to a survey conducted by Android Authority in 2020, almost 91.8% of people use the dark mode theme if available. Popular apps like Facebook and Twitter and even YouTube have the feature which allows users to toggle between light and dark modes. Some of the benefits of dark mode feature are:
    1. Saves battery by reducing blue light
    2. UI content becomes more accessible due to better visibility
    3. Lesser stain on the user’s eyes 
Top 10 Web Dev Technologies You Should Be Aware Of

2. Progressive Web Apps – Progressive web apps bring together the speed of the internet and the ease of a mobile application without worrying about the internet connectivity to use it. Progressive mobile apps or PWAs as they are referred to load in no time and one can use them offline too. Companies like Starbucks, Uber and Pinterest use PWAs and in the year around 9% of the e-commerce companies have invested in PWAs as per the data shared by Statistics.

3. AI Chatbots – AI has been instrumental in meeting the needs of the users using machine learning, NLP and information retrieval techniques. 

AI powered chatbots are not just faster but they also provide superior customer experience by ensuring a smooth digital transaction with a company and its products. From 2018-2020, there has been a 190% increase in the usage of AI chatbots by companies.

4. Single Page Applications– A JavaScript web app that loads a single HTML page is the latest trend in web development technology. It is not just cost effective, dynamic and self refreshing, it also has a better conversion rate than other comparative web pages, almost by 37%. With quick loading and easy debugging and easy navigation it has something for both developers and users. 

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages– AMPs first came out in 2015 to provide a super fast digital experience. An open source HTML based framework it is the most used technologies for website development and for a reason. The web pages built with AMP load faster than the non AMPs by a margin of 20 seconds. That’s a lot when you are an impatient user. Along with happy users, AMPs also have :

Lower bounce rates

Saves expenses on UX

Adaptable to animated video content on the website without getting overloaded

Search Engine Optimized 

6. Voice Search – Voice search is an extremely useful tool for busy users. Siri, Apple and now Amazon’s Echo dot are some of the products that take the share of this billion dollar market. Some of the benefits of voice integration are:

Effective SEO campaigns

Allows visually challenged users to access content online making it extremely inclusive technology

Better user experience

7. Motion Ui– With millions of websites worldwide, how do you ensure that your website stands out? By using Motion UI off course. A front end framework that develops an extremely responsive website which is attractive, interactive and ensures great user engagement. That is one of the top ten technologies in the web development industry that is gaining popularity. 

8. IoT– Household gadgets and wearable devices connect to the internet and provide users quick and efficient information. The sensors and software connect to the internet and collect and analyze data to provide relevant information to the users at their fingertips. 

9. Blockchain Technology – Initially conceptualized to secure digital transactions, blockchain has seen an unprecedented growth and diversity of usage. Open source, decentralized and stores digital information which can not be mutated, manipulated, hacked or destroyed. Want your business to have error free transactions without intermediaries with better transparency and traceability, blockchain is the way to go. 

10. Cyber Security in Web Development-  With enormous amounts of data, digital transactions and user information exchange  that happens each day on the internet, cyber security is a necessity. Most websites use authentication and verification and use tools like Google Authenticator, Patch Management, Firewalls etc however, the financial institutions and health are two important sectors investing heavily in cybersecurity and for understandable reasons. The cyber security features apply encryption techniques to help safeguard the data and reduce data breaches and unauthorized accesses. 

These are the top 10 web dev technologies you should know in 2022. These web dev technologies can help you in being updated with the trend and will give you the best result that you want to see in your web products.


As a developer one must be aware of these web dev technologies and shifting user needs to create better user interfaces and impactful user experiences. 

If you want to learn more about the web dev technologies from the experts follow our blogs. 

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