Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in India – 2022

IT Jobs

The Indian IT sector is set to grow at 15.5 % and is set to become a 227 Billion $ industry as proposed by NASSCOM. The industry has already added 4.5 lakh jobs in the current financial year and the increasing digitalization of the economy means IT jobs will continue to be added in bulk. This also means that some of the best and the highest paying jobs will be in the IT sector than elsewhere.

The introduction of technology in sectors like health, housing, education, manufacturing, agriculture, community services will continue adding to the demand for IT skills. 

Considering those facts, let’s take a look at some of the highest paying IT jobs in India. 

  1. Data Scientists
    Well data is going to be an integral part of a digital economy. Data will essentially be responsible for not just enhancing the product or service experience but also creating solutions which are customer-centric. Businesses are using data to drive their strategic decision making which means that the data scientists are going to be in demand and sought after. Data Scientists earn higher base salaries and have better career prospects. 

Data Scientists can expect great entry level compensation and once they establish themselves as subject matter experts, these figures climb steadily. Following is a general indication of data scientist salary at different levels and it definitely is one of the highest paying IT jobs in India.

  • Entry Level: 5-7 Lpa
  • Mid Level:12-15 Lpa
  • Senior Level: 21-25 Lpa


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science, mathematics, statistics
  • Data science certifications
  • Project experience in the field of application

The skills required for a data scientists are programming skills, data visualization skills, machine learning and analytical skills

2. Full Stack Developers

Web development and maintenance is an important aspect of business and full stack developers are responsible for it. They work both on the front end and the back end of applications and are crucial for a smooth user interface and user experience. 

If one is proficient in coding and programming languages like Java, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP and others, one can find IT jobs which are high paying with great career progression.

  • Entry Level: 5-6Lpa
  • Mid Level: 8-10Lpa
  • Senior Level: 10-12 Lpa


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  • Proficiency with fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript

3. Cloud Computing Professionals

Cloud computing has made delivery of computer services like servers, storages, databases, networking, networking, software and analytics over the internet. The cloud computing sector is growing at a rate of 17.9 CAGR and is expected to be worth USD 791.48 Billion in 2028. And with that there will be a demand for cloud computing software engineers, architects and cloud infrastructure engineers. While the experienced individuals may get salaries as high as 60 Lpa, one of the highest in the IT sector. The entry level salary for cloud computing professionals is not bad either. 

  • Entry Level: 6-8 Lpa
  • Mid Level:10-12 Lpa
  • Senior Level: 30 Lpa


  1. Programming skills
  2. Database management skills
  3. Linux skills
  4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge
  5. Serverless Architecture knowledge

4. Software Engineers– India churns out an impressive number of engineers every year and yet the market absorbs a large chunk. With more multinationals outsourcing their tech talent and remote hiring seen as a viable option, this sector promises a steady stream of job opportunities.  The experienced software engineers can get handsome compensation, the entry level can expect anything between 4-6 Lpa. 

  • Mid Level: 10-15 Lpa
  • Senior Level: 25-30 Lpa

One needs a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer systems engineering or software engineering and should have skills like coding and programming, software testing and debugging, software development and problem solving and logical thinking. 

5. DevOps Engineers – A hybrid role that brings together software development and operations tasks to facilitate automation. DevOps engineers also participate in application development, deployment and maintaining and integrating application infrastructures. Skills required include Jenkins, Linux, Unix, and Git and programming languages like Python, Ruby, Shell to name a few.

6. Cyber Security Professionals – Businesses need to protect their digital assets as most of them rely on online presence to sell products and services. Cyber security therefore has become non-negotiable and there is a growing demand for cyber- security professionals who help organizations identify cyber security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. The compensation for cyber-security professional ranges from 

  • Entry Level: 6 Lpa
  • Mid Level: 10-12 Lpa
  • Senior Level: 30 Lpa

One needs to be a graduate in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field or get a certification in cyber security and possess skills like computer forensic, knowledge of security across platforms, technical aptitude and problem solving skills. 

 7. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence professionals are in demand but there is also a dearth of skilled ones who can help companies manage their AI infrastructure. AI professionals interpret machine learning algorithms and neural networks to create useful AI models. 

AI professionals possess a niche skill set and therefore their compensation is higher too compared to other IT jobs. If one possesses the right education and skills, this is one of the highest paying IT jobs which also has a great career potential. 

  • Mid Level: 17 Lpa
  • Senior Level: 26 Lpa

One needs to be a graduate in mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field with relevant certifications and have a knowledge of robotics, statistical, programming and analytical skills.  

8. Machine Learning Professionals – Machine Learning is an in-demand skill with a 74% increment in hiring every year as per LinkedIn data. AI and Machine Learning are emerging technologies and promise customized and personal solutions for customers. Machine Learning professionals help companies develop software based systems and create automation tools to increase their operational efficiency. 

A certificate or a degree in machine learning can really set your career soaring. It is the newest addition to the list of highest paying IT jobs. 

  • Entry Level: 5-7 Lpa
  • Mid Level: 15 Lpa
  • Senior Level: 22 Lpa

One must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, artificial intelligence, or a related field with relevant certifications and possess Computer Science knowledge,  programming skills, probability and statistics, software engineering and system design, problem solving and data analysis skills. 

9. Blockchain Engineers – Blockchain technology is fast gaining prominence and there is an increasing demand for engineers who can develop and implement solutions and architectures related to blockchain technology. Since it is a relatively new technology, the market faces a skill shortage and desperately needs professionals trained in blockchain technology. 

To start an IT job in blockchain technology one needs to have

  • Proficiency in programming languages
  • Knowledge about Ripple, Ethereum, R3, and bitcoin technologies
  • Understanding of consensus methodologies
  • Security protocol stacks and crypto libraries

10. Software Architect – A software architect is expected to establish technical standards and make high level effective design decisions using tools, software coding standards and in-depth technical knowledge. 

Their salary can range between 13 LPA to 50 LPA and higher based on experience and expertise. 


So that sums up our list of top ten highest paying IT jobs in India. 

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