How FunctionUp will help you to secure high paying job in 2023?

FunctionUp coding bootcamp

Global markets fell after the compulsory shutdowns and stay-at-home orders designed to slow the spreading of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), resulting in record-setting layoffs and reductions to planned expansions. There is a prediction that the International Labour Organization estimates that approximately 400 million jobs went unclaimed globally in this second quarter of 2020 due to COVID-19. Here is where a pay after placement coding bootcamp makes easy to get high paying job in this scenario.

However, despite the bleak prospects for employment, there’s an upside for those who want to grab the chance; as the number of full-time positions decreases, skills-first or freelance jobs increases in demand. This is mainly due to highly technical jobs such as software development, statistical analysis, and big data-related applications.

Another Pilgrim Shift- The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has also led companies to push remote work to ease the burden on their employees. This makes hiring across different countries easy and offers the chance to work for companies from abroad to those interested, opening many possibilities for job seekers. Additionally, there is an underlying sense of security among job-seekers 

With hybrid, work-from-home remote work options, workers can decide the type of role they would like to pursue and how flexible their work will be. The dramatic disruption of the employment market has caused an enormous shift in the equilibrium between employees and employers.

With many job seekers looking for possibilities outside their fields and the overall job market, companies must reconsider what they can offer their employees to keep them. However, one thing is certain- those seeking jobs are aware of their needs and willing to risk everything to secure an opportunity to work worthy of the effort.

The rising popularity of online coding bootcamp

In the last 5-10 years, the programming bootcamp industry has transformed from an obscure phenomenon to an integral part of the field of tech education. The number of boot camp graduates from bootcamp has tripled in the last few years.

Students are also considering alternatives to in-person classes, and online bootcamp for Coding are becoming an increasingly popular choice. It is possible to enroll online in Data Science courses from specifically-focused data science schools like FunctionUp.

What is the significance of Coding Bootcamp?

Every sector is affected by how technology changes the face of the earth. Thus, the need for skilled software developers who can develop the technology we depend on is in high demand. A coding bootcamp is essential to acquire the necessary skills and get into Web development to help fill the void within the market. Learners can develop essential skills without spending too much time. Many bootcamp require just 12 weeks to complete.

FunctionUp, is a pay-after-placement platform that allows students to get educated and train, helping them to land their desired job. In simple terms, anybody can start studying at FunctionUp with zero upfront fees, finish the course, get a job and then pay back for the taking in the form of ISA of a fixed share of their monthly income.

How are FunctionUp Coding Bootcamp Effective?

FunctionUp coding bootcamp usually last from 12 to 40 weeks. Because of the limited time of instruction, these training programs are built on two major principles of speed and learning that are high-impact.

Speed:  FunctionUp Coding bootcamp draw the most pertinent skills taught in an academic program of four years and mix the essential abilities of the industry to connect the gap between academia and the real world. They also respond to the needs of the industry quickly.

Easy Accessibility: Money is no barrier with pay after placement; regardless of your background and degree course, you can pursue your goals with FunctionUp’s bootcamp.

Job Guarantee: FunctionUptrains students so that they fit their respective job roles. They offer a 100% job guarantee when the cohort ends at zero upfront cost.

Repayment: The minimum cap of 36 months allows students to start their career on a high note; you only need to pay when you bag a job worth 5 LPA or more.

Live training: The 1:1 mentorship, live classes, and projects for the industry level give you an understanding of how the development is done in real-world scenarios. This practice helps in smooth transitioning to join an organization.

High-Impact Learning: FunctionUp Coding bootcamp focus on high-impact learning and teach useful abilities in the real world. These educational courses are ideal for professionals looking to acquire a variety of skills essential to be more marketable by undergoing intensive training within a brief period.

What are the subjects that FunctionUp Coding Bootcamp will cover?

FunctionUp Coding bootcamp can offer a wide range of subjects, including 

JavaScript: Data structures, programming principles, algorithms, programs, functions, and JavaScript variables, are the main topics covered in these bootcamp.

Python: Python is another well-known object-oriented programming language like JavaScript. Integers, floaters, data strings, and data and object classes are several subjects that instructors often cover in Python bootcamp.

Web Development: Based on the course’s content, whether it includes backend, frontend, or full-stack programming, FunctionUp bootcamp are designed to teach various topics. Web technologies, design, and computer graphics HTML, CSS, databases, and applications are among the subjects taught by web design bootcamp.

Artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging and rapidly growing technology that is quickly expanding. Python libraries, Data visualization, machine learning, linear algebra, machine learning data interpretation, and deep learning are just a few topics covered by AI bootcamp.

What are the outcomes for your career after attending FunctionUp  Coding Bootcamp?

To help students understand the outcomes of pursuing a career after attending FunctionUp  Coding bootcamp, we will describe the most effective jobs for bootcamp students.

Web Developers

Applications and websites are developed to be maintained and updated by web designers. They can monitor how well the site functions by tracking the speed and traffic. FunctionUp Coding bootcamp are a great way for professionals looking to improve their databases, frontend, and backend abilities to develop full-stack web developers and progress into higher-level positions in development.

Data Analysts 

Data assurance specialists use their extensive technical knowledge to check software, programs, and computer systems and resolve any issues that bugs could cause. The essential coding and technical skills needed to succeed in this field are taught during the FunctionUp Coding bootcamp. 

Data Scientists

Data scientists analyze data to uncover meaningful insights. An AI and Machine Learning (ML) bootcamp offer hands-on data science instruction that ensures experts have the necessary expertise and abilities to analyze and use the raw data effectively. Data scientists enjoy a great career outlook and earn a high annual salary.


If you’re driven, determined, and confident, and have the determination to do your best, The answer is simple: enroll in FunctionUp’s online bootcamp for Coding in conjunction with the renowned mentors to boost your coding abilities to the highest level and let the career you want to pursue in tech a blaze.

We help you break the glass ceiling which blocks entry to tech. We are a team of IIT / ISB alumni who are passionate about solving the key problem of starting a career in tech. A lot of smart and handworking graduates find it difficult to crack high paying tech jobs either because of their background and their college not being able to help them get interviews. Hence, we started this placement bootcamp that hand holds people from skilling till employment.

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