Top 5 reasons to hire from FunctionUp | #1 Coding Bootcamp

Top 5 reasons to hire from FunctionUp | #1 Coding Bootcamp

What is FunctionUp? Is FunctionUp bootcamp really worth it? An increasing number of job seekers that require programming are turning to bootcamp in coding to learn the skills they require. As an entrepreneur, you might wonder if bootcamp students are as competent or ready to work as graduates of a computer science degree.

Although coding bootcamps are fairly new, they’ve existed for a decade. They have proven to be efficient in educating technical talent with the abilities they require to excel in today’s workforce. Coding bootcamps that typically run for between three and an entire year, with a concentration on work as a result of their curriculums, are designed to teach abilities that students will need when they work.

The study by the state of the coding bootcamp market in February 2020 analyzed data from more than 115,000 bootcamp students and graduate profiles on LinkedIn. It also discovered that 33,959 people were either in or completed a bootcamp in coding in the year 2019, which was a 4.38 percent increase from 2018. But how do you know which coding bootcamp is ideal for hiring candidates? Here comes, FunctionUp.

What is FunctionUp?

FunctionUp is a coding Bootcamp that runs using an outcome-based approach, enabling candidates to be trained on the latest technologies and pertinent industry abilities. Our students learn from the top experts in technology data science, data science, analytics, and product management. 

FunctionUp aspires to be the biggest upskilling company for early career professionals globally and, in the process, solve the age-old problem of bridging the gap between academia and industry. FunctionUp bootcamp aims to help candidates learn more about the kind of job they want to do and help employers get to know more about prospective candidates.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire from FunctionUp

Diverse Experience

FunctionUp bootcamps are specifically designed for those looking to move into tech-related jobs. Suppose they are recent graduates transitioning to tech in their first experience or experienced professionals in a different field who want to switch careers and make a change. In that case, they’ll have something valuable to bring into the mix.

Hands-on Experience

Many computer science degrees need help to keep up with the ever-changing tech industry and focus on the theory of technology rather instead of practical capabilities. In the end, students usually graduate with little or no clue about how they can put their expertise to use.

FunctionUp Bootcamp, on the other hand, they are designed to equip students with the skills they’ll require to perform real-world tasks. In this way, students who have completed bootcamps graduate they will have learned the essential abilities and will have an impressive portfolio of their knowledge.

Focus on Improvement

FunctionUp bootcamp for coding is a commitment for the entire duration of the course. Students have to commit enormous effort to successfully understand and apply complex technical concepts on their own or as teams. This is why bootcamps for coding could be the best option for finding a talented developer to join your team.

Many people go to coding bootcamps with one aim: to be hired for the job they’ve always dreamed of. Employing an alum of a bootcamp involves bringing in a committed worker who has a keen desire to show off their newly acquired skills and succeed in their new position. Most importantly, for employers, even if they can’t demonstrate some of the abilities you need and require, they’ll quickly learn to catch up.

Industry Ready Minds

A coding bootcamp is a fascinating experience, and to be successful, students need to develop the appropriate mindsets for learning and working. Every day, the students learn to master complex technical concepts. They often have to perform this work alone, but they must also be able to work as part of a team. If there’s a lesson that the bootcamp students learn from their experiences and experience, it’s that hard work is the key to success.

Employing FunctionUp bootcamp graduate lets you recruit someone who has devoted months of their time to becoming a programmer. They’ve faced industry-level obstacles, fought through them, and graduated from bootcamp. If you’re seeking a skilled programmer to be part of your staff, look no further than programming bootcamps.

FunctionUp’s graduates possess an array of professional experiences. It is designed for career changers seeking to move from an old job to a career in technology. 

Practical Abilities

Computer science degree programs at the university level frequently struggle to keep pace with the constantly evolving tech industry. Additionally, they tend to focus more on the theory of computing than practical abilities so that graduates graduate with greater knowledge of computers but with no specific knowledge of how they can use their abilities for work.

FunctionUp’s graduates have more practical skills than students from a CS graduates. The reason is that the classes are brief that focus more on teaching essential skills that students require. FunctionUp offers courses such as the development of websites, data science, and mobile app development, all of which are relevant to specific professions. Therefore, when the students are done, they’ll be experts in their required abilities.

Students at FunctionUp are involved in real-world projects throughout the course. They can create a portfolio of instances to demonstrate their success in professionally-oriented development tasks.


FunctionUp is an expertly designed coding bootcamp for freshers and professionals alike. It’s one of India’s most effective boot camps that offer technical  (computer sciences) and learning coding. FunctionUp includes various services, including live webinars, interactive classes, a comprehensive learning environment, live projects, doubt-solving, hackathons, sessions, or help from industry and domain experts. There are also numerous opportunities for placement for students to take advantage of.

In addition, FunctionUp is associated with more than 1000+ businesses that provide an average wage of 5 LPA annually for its students. The top employers include MNCs and giants like Paytm, Meesho, Swiggy, Zomato, NoBroker, Klub, etc. 

Here are a few of the core subjects FunctioNup covers:

Data structures

Basics of programming






Operating systems

System design



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