FunctionUp Review 2022: Our Simplified Approach to Teaching and Learning

FunctionUp Review

FunctionUp was started with the idea to make technical education available to all irrespective of their educational background. Additionally, the education had to be outcome-oriented which meant it had to be industry relevant and meet its requirements so that the candidates end up with a job post after the completion of their training. 

To meet the above two objectives our andragogical approach had to be unique. In this blog, we will discuss the FunctionUp review and approach to teaching and learning.

It needed to accommodate candidates from both tech and non-technical backgrounds and the curriculum had to be designed in a manner that while remaining relevant to the industry standards also needed to be achievable for the students. 

So what makes FunctionUp’s teaching approach unique? Let’s jump into the FunctionUp review:

At FunctionUp, our teachers, mentors, guides, and counselors are sensitized to the needs of our students. They come with an understanding that our students come from diverse backgrounds and therefore there are certain considerations to be made.

1. Removing the Language Barrier

Our teachers take out the elitism associated with learning technical concepts. They approach students in their vernacular if possible and thus eliminate the first-level barrier to learning effectively. While this puts students at ease, it also gives them the required confidence to start their learning journey without the pressure of being judged. 

2. Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed after careful industry research and needs identification. The curriculum has been designed by the founders who come from IIT/ISB in consultation and collaboration with industry experts to ensure relevance. So basically, we define our curriculum to be “By the Industry and for the Industry.”

3. The Class Structure

Our students are divided into smaller groups to ensure they get the undivided attention of the teachers. This also ensures that the doubt-clearing sessions are personalized. 

4. The Stand-Up

At FunctionUp students start their day with a stand-up. This is the time dedicated to understanding the agenda of the day and helps in alleviating anxiety. 

5. Live Classes

The Stand up is followed by live classes, lectures, and several activities planned throughout the day across platforms providing ample opportunities for students to do actual coding and learn hands-on. 

6. The Doubt Clearing Session

Every evening there is a dedicated time for the doubt clearing session where students can have a one-on-one with their teachers or mentors to clear their doubts and seek clarifications. We have a dedicated Doubt Discussion Forum where doubts are collected universally from our students and then shared with the mentors. We also ensure that specific doubts are addressed by industry experts whenever possible so that students get a clear picture of real-world solutions. 

7. The Real-Time Projects

Students at FunctionUp spend a dedicated 1.5 months working on real-life projects to build on the skills learned in the classroom. These projects undertaken under the guidance of industry experts aim at providing the necessary industry exposure to our students so that their raw skills can be tested under real-world simulated conditions. 

8. Teamwork and Team Building

Our students do not work individually but experience teamwork and collaboration across several projects and assignments. Divided into smaller groups they learn the necessary tropes of teamwork and collaboration to achieve collective goals, an important skill for the workplace.  

9. Communication Skills Training

As we mentioned before, FunctionUp is proud to have students from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. In light of the above situation, FunctionUp wants to ensure our students have a fair chance at opportunities to start their tech careers. To ensure that we provide extensive communication and behavioral skills training to our students so that they can put their best foot forward during a placement interview. We appreciate the need to have soft skills too in addition to technical skills so that the candidates can prove themselves to be the right culture fit for the organizations as well. 

10. Placement Support

We support and handhold our students till the very end by finding the right opportunities for them based on their interests. Our placement assistance teams work tirelessly to get offers that excite our students and help them achieve their career dreams. We ensure none of our students are under-valued by the organizations and they get the opportunities they truly deserve. We are adding new hiring partners every day to ensure our students have the best chance to get hired after finishing their boot camp. 

Our pay after placement module ensures that parents of our students are also at peace with no added financial burden. We offer a 50% scholarship to our female students to encourage more and more women to join the technical workforce and become empowered and independent. 

To conclude, at FunctionUp, we ensure all our efforts work in cohesion to help us deliver results for both our students and hiring partners.

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