FunctionUp Alumni: Building Networks and Relationships

FunctionUp Alumni: Building Networks and Relationships

FunctionUp is a pay after placement boot camp that is committed to bringing quality and relevant education which is outcome-based and which leads to a job on completion. With an education that can be accessed remotely and by everyone irrespective of their educational background, FunctionUp boot camp courses are making industry-relevant training equitable. 

At FunctionUp we go to great lengths to ensure that our students get the best tech learning a boot camp has to offer but we also ensure that our association does not just end once our students are placed. 

But before we start exploring how we go over and beyond and invest in building relationships with our students which goes beyond the 4 months of our pay after placement boot camp, we want to talk a little bit about who we are. 

Introduction to FunctionUp 

FunctionUp is a pay after placement boot camp that offers industry relevant upskilling courses to students and professionals. Our current boot camp offering include:

  • Backend Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales Skills- Upcoming Cohort

We are a pay after placement boot camp that aims at offering learning which is outcome oriented and adheres to industry standards. Our tech boot camp accepts students irrespective of their educational background and makes tech learning accessible to all eligible students. 

Our curriculum has been developed in association with industry experts and aims at bridging the gap between the academics and the industry. 

What is Pay After Placement?

Pay After Placement basically means that our students do not have to pay anything to us upfront, i.e. when they join the cohort. 

However, they sign an Income Sharing Agreement with us which basically means that they start paying us a percentage of their salary only after they get placed and get their first salary. So ISA basically means a shared responsibility where we put a dedicated effort to build partnership with companies to ensure our students find suitable placements. Our dedicated placement team has added over 200 companies as hiring partners where our students have been placed including names like No Broker, Gep Spoc,  Oriserve and several others. Our student success stories can be read here:

Our Alumni Community

FunctionUp appreciates the need for associations that go beyond the promised deliverables and therefore we take special efforts to remain connected with our alumni members. 

And therefore FunctionUp has a robust post placement system in place which aims to bring together our alumni members and provide them with a platform to interact and share their queries, reviews and feedback. 

We envision our alumni community to be a network of skilled professionals who can share knowledge and engage and assist each other in their professional journeys. The alumni network also becomes a platform to share job opportunities, mentorship chances and referral program benefits. 

The alumni network also aims to help those students who are moving to bigger cities to start their first job. A support system of known faces and names can help make big transitions smoother. 

Alumni Engagement Initiatives

As a part of our alumni community building initiative, we chose sports as a means to bring together people who are in Bangalore. FunctionUp organized a cricket match between the employees and alumni members to break the ice and bring everyone together in a physical space. 

Sports aid the flow of organic communication and bring people together in a most formidable manner. The teams though standing at opposite ends, challenging and competing also cheered and rooted for each other displaying the unadulterated spirit of sportsmanship.

FunctionUp also organizes Fireside Chats with the best and the brightest from our alumni and provides them a platform where they share their journeys and learning. These sessions are interesting and motivating in equal measure where we share great stories and celebrate each other’s success. 

Our initiatives are towards a larger goal of building a shared community which would propel its members towards greater professional development and share opportunities for learning and career enhancement. 

Way Forward for FunctionUp Alumni Network

FunctionUp is expanding the scope of its course offerings and look forward to diversifying our alumni network in future with professionals from fields like Product Management, Data Analysis and Sales joining us. A diverse alumni network will mean better opportunities and improved perspectives on learning and access to diverse industry and information. 


We are excited to embark on this journey with our students who have been the source of our strength, success and pride. 

If you want to learn more about FunctionUp pay after placement boot camp, explore us here:

We help you break the glass ceiling which blocks entry to tech. We are a team of IIT / ISB alumni who are passionate about solving the key problem of starting a career in tech. A lot of smart and handworking graduates find it difficult to crack high paying tech jobs either because of their background and their college not being able to help them get interviews. Hence, we started this placement bootcamp that hand holds people from skilling till employment.

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