Can Beginners Learn Coding? Yes, Absolutely. Learn Coding Online From Scratch and from the comfort of your home

Coding as beginner?

Coders often have a stereotype, baggy pants with innumerable pockets, a giant hoodie, an uber comfortable game chair and several screens on their work table with matrix like rain fall as screensavers on all of them.

But nothing can be farther from the truth. 

Another frequent doubt comes in the form of questions like, “ Is coding for everyone? Do you need an engineering or CS background? Can beginners learn coding? I want to learn coding from scratch, is it possible?” 

So who can learn coding?

We want to break all the above stereotypes, myths and doubts around tech in general and coding in particular. 

We can show you coders who come from commerce background, mining engineers, law even and yet in just 4 months they learn not just how to code and code well but also land themselves high paying entry level jobs in some of the best organizations and startups of the country. 

FunctionUp is a pay after placement coding bootcamp which is open to all the recent graduates irrespective of their stream. Time and again we have proved that with the right aptitude and hard work, anyone can learn to code and excel at it. 

Allow us to prove our point by sharing this story of one of our own students. 

“Commerce background? You surely can never learn to code” 

Priyanka was often dissuaded by people when they learnt about her interest in coding and technology. However, Priyanka wanted to learn coding from the very first year of her B.Com but had no idea where to start.  

She came across the FunctionUp ad on Youtube, deliberated a bit but then decided to take the leap of faith and follow her passion. 

She joined our cohort with no prior experience, she was a complete beginner at coding and yet found the first day surprisingly easy. She quickly grasped the concepts of html and css under the able guidance of our co-founder Pritesh Kumar however her struggle was yet to come. 

There is no sugar coating that the students from non-technical backgrounds  have to work harder than their counterparts from tech background. 

Priyanka was lost for the first 3-4 days of the cohort but pulled up her socks, chinned up and dived into learning with determination. The consistent Mentors and TA sessions, adequate doubt clearance and constant hand holding helped her navigate her learning journey.  

Within a month she found her footing, started understanding concepts and by the end of four months her foundation was strongly laid for a career in tech.

Virtual Internship a UK based company offered her a remote job with a fantastic starting salary, based on her high test scores and excellent first round of interview and not her background. 

The HR said that “ If you have the skills, a degree is not required.”

This statement validated not just Priyanka’s hard work of 4 months but reaffirmed our philosophy at FunctionUp as well. We strongly believe that technical learning is for all, irrespective of their educational background and we constantly strive towards creating a learning ecosystem which welcomes all. 

We encourage recent graduates to explore a career in technology, invest 4 months in upskilling yourself and start a rewarding career in tech. 

At FunctionUp we work with our students from the very first day in a holistic manner. Our extensive 4 months training, real life projects, mentorship from industry leaders, frequent counseling and doubt clearing sessions have evolved into a robust framework which helps our students excel. We partner with the industry to provide the best placements for our students, walking them through the whole process. We continue to be a support system for our students even after placement and do the best for them to settle in their early days. 

Want to join our boot camp? We encourage you to explore about us here:

We help you break the glass ceiling which blocks entry to tech. We are a team of IIT / ISB alumni who are passionate about solving the key problem of starting a career in tech. A lot of smart and handworking graduates find it difficult to crack high paying tech jobs either because of their background and their college not being able to help them get interviews. Hence, we started this placement bootcamp that hand holds people from skilling till employment.

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