7 Reasons Why You Should Join A Coding Boot Camp

7 Reasons Why You Should Join A Coding Boot Camp

Boot camps are a relatively newer education and learning model but are gaining popularity especially, the coding boot camps. It is primarily because of the flexibility and the wide variety of courses and upskilling opportunities boot camps offer. 

Coding boot camps are unique in their approach as they bridge the gap between academics and the industry requirements and provide learning opportunities created around students’ needs. They are emerging as a popular alternative to the traditional educational system with an aspect which the latter lacks. Traditional education system offers no guarantee of an outcome, boot camps on the other hand with their industry focused approach and curriculum ensure that they are outcome oriented. 

So who is the ideal candidate for a boot camp?

Boot Camps are for those who want to upskill, reskill or can’t commit time or finances for a full time college degree. If you are willing to put in the hours, work hard and persevere over a period of a couple of months to pick up a new skill, boot camps are for you. 

Boot camps provide you an immersive experience with industry mentorship, real world projects and provide you an exposure which colleges can never match. 

What is a coding boot camp?

Coding boot camps are  a short term extensive technical training course that trains candidates on industry relevant programming skills. Graduates with little or no programming experience can join boot camps and learn coding and get ready for entry level tech jobs in the industry. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into 7 key reasons you should join a coding boot camp.

1. Accelerated High Impact Learning

Coding boot camps train candidates over a period of a few months 4-12, through accelerated and extensive programs. Coding boot camp programs extract the most important and relevant topics from the academic course and infuse them with the current industry requirement and teach them through real world projects and assignments. 

Since coding boot camps are so condensed they require serious time commitments and strict deadlines. Apart from the learning, boot camp participants learn accountability and responsibility for their own work which is learning in this case. It helps them prepare for the corporate world by giving them a first hand experience of what their professional life will be like.

2. Current Curriculum

The boot camp curriculum is designed to keep it current to industry tools, frameworks and practices. At FunctionUp, the curriculum is designed in consultation with the industry experts so that it is continuously updated and remains relevant. Since boot camp curriculums teach absolutely those concepts that will be applicable in real life problem solving situations they remove outdated concepts and theories and remain true to industry requirements. 

Many boot camps also teach soft skills like communication skills that ensure that participants of the boot camp do not just have technical skills but also employability skills including work ethics, accountability and responsiveness which in turn makes them a great culture and organizational fit too. 

FunctionUp trains students on communication and behavior skills to ensure that they are presented as ideal potential employees to the companies. 

3. Practical Learning with Real Life Projects

Boot camps approach learning more from a hands on , “learning by doing” approach than theories and concepts. Real life projects provide students an opportunity to apply their learning and see it in action. That provides a real time understanding of the gaps, problems and opportunities to create solutions. 

The AICTE cites that only 49% of engineers graduating every year are considered “employable” by the industry. While according to Aspiring Minds, a meager 5.5% of engineers possess programming skills. Most engineering colleges and universities have a curriculum that has not been updated to address the changing technologies while students themselves shy away from completing relevant projects which can provide them industry exposure . 

In contrast, boot camps provide a very focused approach to learning and boot camp graduates are often better skilled and equipped for real world challenges. 

4. An Impressive Portfolio of Work

Coding boot camps help students create a relevant work portfolio and help them gain exposure and experience through coding hackathons, projects and assignments and fun game activities. 

By the time the course ends, students have a ready portfolio of work.

FunctionUp boot camp ensures that our students are exposed to projects like building real time clones of popular websites, and have working experience of using platforms like GIT and GitHub. These initiatives are good to put on the resume and help attract recruiter’s attention. 

5. Access to a Community

Since coding boot camps run cohorts having students participating from different backgrounds, intermingling with a mixed crowd helps not just in building a network of connections but also helps develop multiple perspectives to problem solving. 

FunctionUp has a strong alumni network and our students have access to ex students who are now in the industry and have an opportunity to connect and learn from them.

6. A Bright Future for the Boot Camp Graduates

While this may have been unbelievable a decade ago, the industry is now open to hire boot camp graduates for the roles for which they would have considered a regular engineering graduate. Boot camp graduates bring skills that make them productive from the very first day at work and therefore are emerging as a good alternative to traditional recruits.

At FunctionUp we have witnessed our students finding entry level software jobs in leading companies with a minimum salary package of 5 LPA. 

7. Boot Camps to Update Skills

Coding boot camps also provide opportunities to those who want to upskill for career progression or to find better opportunities. With technology undergoing changes every year, IOT makes sense to keep abreast of the changing trends and coding boot camps can help professionals to remain at the top of the game. 

To conclude, coding boot camps come with several benefits and if you are someone who wants to start a career in tech without having to go to college, boot camps are for you.

FunctionUp is a pay after placement boot camp that trains candidates in backend engineering skills. If you are looking to join a coding boot camp, Explore us here.

We help you break the glass ceiling which blocks entry to tech. We are a team of IIT / ISB alumni who are passionate about solving the key problem of starting a career in tech. A lot of smart and handworking graduates find it difficult to crack high paying tech jobs either because of their background and their college not being able to help them get interviews. Hence, we started this placement bootcamp that hand holds people from skilling till employment.

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