5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Coding Boot Camps

coding boot camp

The technological revolution has impacted all aspects of our lives and education has not been any different. During the pandemic, remote learning using technology was firmly established as a credible way to pick up new skills. Most universities and colleges resorted to remote learning during the pandemic, so did schools and the extra-curricular activities for students. Upskilling courses for professionals too emerged as big winners and so did boot camps, especially the ones offering short term intensive training like coding boot camps. 

What is a Coding BootCamp?

A coding boot camp is a short term extensive technical training course that trains candidates on industry relevant programming skills. 

Coding boot camps target students with little or no programming experience and train them over a course of a few months and bring them to a level where they can solve real word problems through coding. Most participants of these coding boot camps look forward to starting their career in web development or to find entry level developer jobs. 

Who Can Join Coding Boot Camps?

Most coding boot camps look for some programming background in the prospective candidates however there are many others like FunctionUp which are background agnostic and welcome students even from non-tech backgrounds. The students are expected to clear an aptitude test or an entrance test based on which they are chosen for the boot camp.

Why Coding Boot Camps Are Important?

With technology permeating all aspects of the world, there is a substantial requirement for people with technical expertise. Speaking of India, specifically IT and Business Process Management is expected to grow at 7% by FY2023 and more than 300,000 jobs will be created with about 5.1-5.4 million headcount TeamLease Digital in “Digital Employment Outlook Report” for the first half of 2023.

Even the newer digital skills like MarTech (marketing technology) and IoT (internet of things).  Mar Tech is expected to increase by 5 per cent to 7 per cent and that of IoT by 4 per cent to 6 per cent for FY-2023. These newer technologies will need a skilled talent pool and coding boot camps can aid in creating that pool of talent to choose employees from. 

How Coding Boot Camps Work?

Coding Boot Camps are a highly condensed form of course delivery and they work on two important pillars of speed and impact. Let’s understand.

Speed – While the university level tech programs last for 4 years and while they cover topics like networking, operating systems and computing theory, they are more academically relevant than their applicability in the real world. 

Coding boot camps extract the most relevant concepts from the course and infuse them with relevant industry skills and develop their extensive course which helps bridge the gap between academia and industry. 

High Impact Learning – Coding boot camps focus on those very specific industry level skills and design their curriculum around it with the intention to deliver outcome based high impact learning. These programs extensively teach only those skills which will help candidates kick start their career in technical in the shortest time possible. 

Since boot camps are exhaustive it is beneficial for people who can devote a considerable amount of time on a daily basis and persevere through the many projects and assignments. 

There are benefits of doing a 4 year degree program but coding boot camps graduates are gaining ground in terms of employability and employers are looking at boot camp certifications as credible. 

What is Income Sharing Program?

Many coding boot camps work on a pay after placement basis, which basically means that the participants of the boot camp do not have to pay anything to join the program but share a percentage of their income only after getting placed. This whole program is referred to as Income Sharing. 

Placement Support at Coding Boot Camps

Coding Boot camps also provide placement assistance to their candidates. It involves helping them prepare for the interviews, getting them shortlisted with the companies and arranging the interviews. The candidates based on their performance get hired by the companies.


One can choose from several boot camps available online to upskill but there are several important factors to consider before zeroing on one.

  1. The credibility of the boot camp 
  2. The faculty, teachers and mentors
  3. The course which should be current to the industry needs
  4. The fees or the pay after placement program which needs to be flexible and  suit the individual’s needs
  5. The pre and post placement assistance

FunctionUp is a pay after placement coding boot camp that trains candidates in backend engineering skills, coding and programming languages and helps them start their tech career. 

We accept students irrespective of their educational background and provide them extensive training over a period of 4 months to help them crack an entry level developer jobs in the industry. Our Income Sharing program is highly flexible and our dedicated placement team works tirelessly to ensure our students are placed at not just great companies but also get respectable entry level salary packages. 

Interested to learn more about us? Explore us here

We help you break the glass ceiling which blocks entry to tech. We are a team of IIT / ISB alumni who are passionate about solving the key problem of starting a career in tech. A lot of smart and handworking graduates find it difficult to crack high paying tech jobs either because of their background and their college not being able to help them get interviews. Hence, we started this placement bootcamp that hand holds people from skilling till employment.

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