5 Best Reasons To Work In Tech In India | FunctionUp Blogs

5 Best Reasons To Work In Tech In India | FunctionUp Blogs

The Tech in India is growing at a tremendous pace. Experts suggest that this growth will last for at least the next two years as the industry expands to fulfill the demand generated by the acceptance of technology and access to the internet, accelerated by the pandemic. While there is a boom in the IT sector, a large part of this growth is driven by non-technology firms that want a digital presence and digitally driven processes.

The growing tech scene in India is accompanied by opportunities for people willing to build a career in tech. Given below are some solid reasons to help you make up your mind to work in tech.

High Demand for Tech In India

Hiring in the tech in India has shown a sharp rise in the last year. There was a 55% increase in demand for techies between January 2021 to June 2021 alone. This demand has been fueled by humungous funding to tech start-ups in India.  

Rising Salaries

The demand for qualified and skilled tech in India is largely unfulfilled. Firms are willing to pay higher salaries, often times offering a 50% raise, to retain talent and get the best of the talent pool while hiring. Between April to September 2021 the median salaries for tech jobs rose by 34%.

Apart from the organizational growth perspective, employees are also presented with ample room for personal growth. The work culture in most tech firms is open, flexible, and dynamic, creating an environment for higher job satisfaction and motivation.

Opportunity to Learn

Tech in India is constantly changing, evident especially in the current times. The need to adapt to the changes and update your skills is critical in this field, and tech companies encourage learning among their employees. It is an excellent space for people who seek to work on diverse projects and grow with their roles.

Flexible and Open Work Culture

A tech job is one of the best-suited professions for remote working. Most people working in tech enjoy flexible work hours and are driven by self-motivation. Due to high demand for techies, companies are keen to offer a better work environment to retain their employees. Some of the perks include productivity allowances, work-life balance, stock options, etc.

Room for Creativity

Creativity can add significant value to tech development. Developers often work within constraints to come up with the best possible solutions. The explosion of tech start-ups in India across industries highlights that there are unexplored problems to be solved with novel, digital solutions.

A career in tech in India can be fulfilling and fascinating. It offers opportunities for self-growth and promotes innovative thinking. And given the status of tech hiring in India, it is one of the safest careers path out there.

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